Life In Our Minds: Motherflock / II

Are you a part of the whole?

With Motherflock Random International presents a virtual swarm of origami-like ‘bird-oid objects’.

Each is linked to an NFT with distinct qualities expressed through movement. Belonging to private owners from around the globe, these NFTs were generated by an algorithm after they were purchased.

The respective buyers’ NFT collections shaped each digital object into the form they take in the interactive video installation.

Motherflock pioneers a method for communal ownership of public art that bridges the gap between digital and physical realms.

Its parts are individually owned but collectively form a new interactive sculpture. Immersing yourself within the swarm, your presence casts a digital shadow, prompting a real-time response on screen and highlighting interplay between on- and offline worlds.

Additional credits:
Courtesy: Danil Krivoruchko, Snark Art, Pace Gallery & Pace Verso