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Opening hours

Mon-Wed: 10AM - 8:30PM
Thu-Fri: 10 AM - 10:30 PM
Sat: 9:30 AM - 10:30 PM
Sun: 9:30 AM - 8:30PM


Nxt Museum
Asterweg 22
1031 HP Amsterdam

To eat & drink

Our Pop-up bar is open every day for coffee, lunch and aperitivo.

How to get here

Can I travel to Nxt Museum by car?
Keep in mind that there are ongoing roadworks on the Asterweg so please plan your trip carefully. Parking is not allowed on the premises of Nxt Museum and very limited parking is possible in the neighbourhood. We encourage visitors to visit the museum by bike, on foot or using Amsterdam’s electric shared  transportation
From De Pijp

Approximately 30m minutes by metro, take Metro line 52 four stops towards Noord/ North and exit at Noorderpark station (only one stop away). Nxt Museum is a 10 minute walk from Noorderpark.

From Museumplein

Walk ten minutes to Vijzelgracht metro station and take Metro line 52 towards Noord/ North. Exit at Noorderpark station after 3 stops. Nxt Museum is a 10-minute walk from Noorderpark Metro station.

From Amsterdam central station

It’s a 10-minute bike ride or 20-minute walk from Amsterdam central station. Simply take the ferry to Buiksloterweg (located at the rear of the station). After a 5-minute crossing it’s just a short walk or cycle to Asterweg 22.


After the recent announcement by the Dutch government on 2nd November 2021, we have updated our Covid-19 protocol accordingly. Creating a space where you can safely enjoy art is our priority, please note the following measures will be implemented at Nxt from Saturday 6 November:

  • A valid QR code in the form of a negative corona test, proof of vaccination, or recovery from Covid-19 (‘Corona Check’ App QR Code), as well as your ID (valid passport, ID, drivers license) is compulsory
  • Have you come from outside the EU and you don’t have the ‘Corona Check’ app? Please visit:
  • Wearing a mask during your visit to Nxt is optional.
  • To ensure everyone feels safe during their visit we advise you to keep your distance from those around you.
  • You can only buy your tickets online in advance and within time slots, please arrive on time for your planned visit.
  • In order to facilitate crowd management, the museum staff can and may ask you to wait.
  • We have installed several positions in the museum where you can wash or disinfect your hands.
  • We clean all touchpoints in the museum regularly.
  • If you have any symptoms of Covid-19, we ask you to stay home and reschedule your visit.
  • Please follow the instructions displayed clearly within the museum and given by our museum staff, so we can create a safe environment for everyone.

Thanks for assisting us in preserving the safety of each other and our team!

Warning – This exhibition contains laser installations, loud sounds, smoke and flashing video images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tickets & group bookings

What happens if I’m running late for my timeslot?

If you’re more than 15 minutes late for your timeslot, your ticket will expire and you will not be refunded. If you know you are unable to make your timeslot any longer then please rebook your timeslot in advance, via ‘ticket support’ in our ticketstreet.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

No, we don’t refund tickets. We offer the opportunity to change your time slot up to 6 hours ahead of your booking, if you really cannot make it. Please go to our ticket support to make the change to your booking.

I booked too many tickets. Can I get a refund?

You are not eligible for a refund if you book too many tickets. However you can rebook these tickets for an alternative date. To do so head to ‘ticket support’, in our ticketstreet. You can reschedule for an alternative date using the self-help tool.

How can I change my ticket timeslot?

You can change your time slot up to 6 hours ahead of your booking, if you really cannot make it. Please go to our ticket support to make the change to your booking.

Can I get a ticket at the door?

No, tickets to Nxt Museum can solely be purchased online. Due to Covid-19 we want to keep track of the amount of people within the museum, which is why tickets can only be bought in our ticket shop online in advance of your visit. You can easily purchase tickets in our ticketshop.

I own a Stadspas where can I book my ticket?

There is a separate ticketing street for Stadspas owners to book their ticket. Ticketing street can be found below all the ticket options. If you are coming with a regular ticket holder make sure to book your stadspas ticket first as to be sure you can enter the museum together.

Can I enter Nxt Museum with an ICOM/ Museum Jaarkaart card ?

The ICOM / Museum cards (Museum Jaarkaart) are not valid at Nxt Museum. Nxt Museum operates independent from any form of subsidy.

How to visit Nxt Museum with the Iamsterdam City Card?

Book your tickets in advance via our ticketshop and select the IAmsterdam city card options. Upon entering the museum, please bring your City Card. Make sure your City Card is valid at the time of your visit. In case the card is not valid at the time of the visit, the full ticket price needs to be paid at the entrance

Why do we work with ticket timeslots?

Due to Covid we aim to control the flow of arriving guests. You can book tickets per 15 minute time slot, please be on time, when visitors are more than 15 minutes late they are not allowed to enter the museum on busy days. You can enjoy the exhibition as long as you like until we close.

Why do we offer phone-free time slots?

Our survey has shown that 75% of our visitors would prefer to have phone free time slots, which is why we introduced certain time frames during which visitors can enjoy art without being distracted by their own or other people’s digital devices. We ask all visitors booking these time slots to refrain from using their phone whilst in the museum, to ensure a fully immersive exploration of Shifting Proximities. Phone-free time slots can be booked on the following day within these hours: Wednesdays from 6.15pm to 7pm.

I am a student but don’t have a student card, can I still purchase a student ticket?

You must bring proof of current enrollment at your university to show to our hosts upon entering the museum – we also accept a proof of enrollment of registration ( Studielink, or from the school itself)

How can I arrange a group booking to Nxt Museum?

We’d love to help you arrange a booking for your school, uni or group. Please email with the number of people, preferred date and time and contact details and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Can you put me on a cancellation list in case a day is sold out?

We do not have a cancellation list, hence it’s not an option.

Can I purchase a gift voucher for multiple people?

Yes you can! Gift a voucher for a visit to Nxt Museum for multiple people, by adding multiple tickets in your basket in step 1 in our ticketshop. Please note that the entrance tickets will be bundled in one voucher that has to be redeemed in one time. If you wish to purchase gift tickets for multiple people, purchase the gift vouchers in seperate bookings.

How long does my gift ticket last?

The gift voucher will be valid for one year after the purchase date.

Can I get an invoice for my gift ticket?

No, unfortunately our ticketing system does not allow creating an invoice for this type of ticket. We’re working on a solution!

Visitor care: ability & access

Can I enter Nxt Museum’s exhibition if I have epilepsy?

This exhibition contains, laser installations, loud sounds, smoke and flashing video images which may not be suitable for people with epilepsy.

Is the museum suitable for children?

When it comes to the youngest amongst us, Nxt Museum is enjoyed by children of all age groups. However, since many of our artworks and installations are housed within dark rooms with loud sounds, and flashing videos in some cases we advise that with more nervous children, the museum is best experienced at the age of 5+ years old.

Is the museum accessible for wheelchairs?

Yes, the museum is accessible via wheelchair ramps – other than the Nxt Lab and one installation: Distortions in Spacetime by Marshmallow Laser Feast. We also have disabled parking slots which may be booked upon reservation by leaving us a message here

In the museum

Do I need to present a proof of recovery, vaccination or a negative test to visit Nxt Museum?

A valid QR code in the form of a negative corona test, proof of vaccination, or recovery from Covid-19 ( ‘Corona Check’ App QR Code), as well as your ID (valid passport, ID, drivers license) is compulsory.

How long can I stay in the museum and within the exhibition?

As long as you wish, up until we close!

Can I use a locker at Nxt Museum?

We only ask you to use one of our sanitized lockers if it’s necessary. Coats and accessories are allowed in the museum, but we kindly ask you to store your backpacks if you bring any.

Do you have onsite wifi?

Nxt Museum offers free guest Wifi to its visitors and we advise our visitors using the guest wifi to not transmit their credit card information, passwords, and any other sensitive personal information.

Can I bring my dog to Nxt Museum?

No, we do not allow dogs in the museum, unless they are Guide Dogs. We do not think furry friends would appreciate the levels of sound and flashing lights as much as you will.

Partnerships & Press

I’m from a press organisation, who can I contact to discuss working together?

Please get in touch through our contact form

Any other queries?

Query or feedback for us? Get in touch – we’re happy to hear from you.