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Nxt Musem x Pride Amsterdam 2022
“It’s the power of the arts to not only envision new worlds – but build them ourselves.” – Matti Sturt-Scobie Let me begin with a little introduction: I go by Matti, (they/them pronouns) and like many on the queer spectrum,…
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But is I.T. Art?

A Podcast by Nxt Museum
What happens at the intersection of art, tech, science and sound? What does the art of the future look like? In what way do artists reflect on new media and how do they push the boundaries of technology? Join us…
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A Shapeshifting Performance

SpaceTime Helix by Michela Pelusio
As the SpaceTime Helix coiled in the dark, Italian artist Michela Pelusio gathered the threads of our imagination from the past, present and future, turning Nxt Stage into a portal for time travel. In a coming together of art, tech…
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Switch on to NFTs

Shedding light on the key takeaways around the latest revolution in tech and new media art
If you remember one thing about this article then let it be the following: More than a new what NFTs represent a new how. Non Fungible Tokens are a way to prove ownership of things, any things – immaterial ones…
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A look-back at ADE AiR 2021

With the glow of the yellow ADE cube illuminating curious faces, stepping onto the dance floor for the first time in months was a euphoric experience. With the nightlife scene finally re-opened, we emerged from a long season of restriction…
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