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Welcome to a space for experimentation, research, development, failure and collaboration.

Within this space, we invite all thinkers, makers, listeners, creators and destroyers to join us in our quest to seek, show and debate what’s next. We aim to facilitate learning in the fields of createch, empowering our community with new skills. We have two workshops on offer for companies and school groups, at a time and date that suits you. Please get in touch to book your group workshop!

Group Workshops

Slow Looking

The Slow Looking Workshop is an exercise to slow down the ways in which we look at the world around us and how this practice can support deep learning across subject matters.

In this workshop, you explore a single artwork through a series of guided activities, including close looking, careful listening, creative writing – and drawing. Connect your findings to bigger systems and integrate the concept into your own learning and innovation process. This workshop is set up to empower anyone to take the time to look slow in a world of fast information.

– Introduction
– Museum exhibition visit – explore connection to the 10 large scale new media artworks in the current exhibition: ‘Life in a Different Resolution’
– Workshop Slow Looking 6 steps at one specific installation in the current exhibition.

– Slow down: to observe the world carefully
Encounter the concepts of close looking and careful listening
Explore how you fit into bigger (social) constructs like school, sports, or work
– Share: Exchange stories about people, place, and identity
Learn how to collect and tell stories in a meaningful way
Get to know different communication models and modes of interaction
– Reflect: on how your own live connects to bigger human stories
Learn more about themes and technologies that you use every day – and how to read them
Gain new insights into your everyday lives, communities, and identities – on- and offline

– Max 30 participants per workshop
– Programme of 2h 45
– This workshop is for students of all ages (different set up for under 12 years old)

– Elementary schools & Highschools:  130€ + 25€/per person
– Students: 130€ + 28€/per person
– Companies: 130€ + 39,75€/per person


Filter Creation

We all know and use them: Augmented Reality Filters. In this workshop you will learn how to create your very own filter to tell your story in an AR environment.

Masks have long traditions in various cultures and a shorter but impactful tradition in the digital world. During this four-hour program, we provide the tools, and you create your own AR filter mask.

Be inspired by new media artists, learn the ins and outs of using AR software, and connect your work to the installations in the museum. This workshop calls upon your imagination and creativity, challenging you to show what makes you – you.

Finally, you have the opportunity to showcase your AR creations in a Filter Creation Spotlight at Nxt Museum.


  • Introduction by experts on AR filters and the use of masks in social media, art, and different cultures.
  • Museum visit – discover the connection to the ten large-scale new media artworks in the current exhibition: UFO-Unidentified Fluid Other.
  • AR filter creation workshop in Lens Studio (software).


  • Software skills and AR filter creation with Lens Studio.
  • Critically reflect on the use of face filters and masks.
  • The history and theory of masking.
  • Creative expression through face filters.
  • The impact of new technologies on society and culture.


  • Maximum of 30 students per workshop.
  • Four-hour program (½ hour introduction, 1-hour museum visit, 2½-hour workshop).
  • Bring your own laptop.

COSTS: (including museum visit)

  • Primary and secondary schools: €175 + €40 per person.
  • Students: €175 + €43 per person.
  • Companies: €200 + €50 per person.


Leadership workshops byAIM AT ART

Create the mindset of the future. Together with art.

AIM AT ART is for leaders who dare. Crises and rapid developments demand forward thinking and decisiveness. to take the necessary steps? Dive into the themes of today and the future and discover other perspectives. The goal? To move forward and position yourself ahead of time.

At Nxt Museum, we show what’s next in the world of art and tech. Our current exhibition, ‘Life in a Different Resolution’ by Random International explores the power of the collective and asks what it means to be human today. The artworks stimulate your senses, convey ideas, emotions and stories and expand your view.

Through the artworks, AIM AT ART’s workshop helps to:
– Inspire forward-looking firm leaders
– Foster new insights and ideas about the future of your organisation
– Discover what role you want to play as a leader in this future

– Collect new experiences: Get inspired by works of art
– Empty-time: Creative reflection to let all the inspiration sink in and translate it into your organisation
– Create impact: Creative assignment to connect and concretise the insights gained

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