Nxt exhibits the art of the future, today

Movement. Sound. Light. A sudden change in your surroundings can trigger an inescapable reaction – a primal response. It’s involuntary. It’s irrational. It’s natural. We can’t control it, it’s how the human body is wired. Art takes hold of our senses. It transmits ideas, emotions, and stories. Morphing our perceptions and synthesising them into new perspectives.

What is Nxt

Nxt Museum is the first museum in the Netherlands dedicated to new media art. We focus on art that uses modern tools to embody modern times. We believe that the tools used in artistic expression reflect the times we live in. That makes them the perfect means to understand contemporary complexities allowing us to recognise, relate and reflect on our realities.

The Space

Based in North Amsterdam, the space is built specifically to explore new media art; art that expands technical possibilities and applications, is dynamic and unbound by form and that generates movement whether physical, mental or emotional. The space provides all the ingredients for these progressive art forms to grow, flourish and evolve. Nxt Museum is a place where creatives bring their visions to life.

Our purpose

It’s our mission to facilitate new and next iterations of creative expression. Everything we do, want and fear relates directly to the future. It is one of the most fascinating concepts for the human mind. A thrilling source of inspiration that drives endless questions. Today, these questions are more important and complex than ever. What’s next? We don’t know, but we are endlessly curious to explore together.

The Team
Connected by a love for art & technology and a drive to explore the future. We're here to show you the art of tomorrow, everyday.
Arina Mahmoudian
Arts & Culture Intern
Aveline Gevaerts
Senior Arts & Culture Manager
Bogomir Doringer
Freelance Curator
Dennis Pranger
Head of Operations
Elif Çelem
Marketing Intern
Evi Matse
Exhibition & Event Production Intern
Jesse Damiani
Curator and Director of Simulation Literacies
Julia-Beth Harris
Creative Copywriter
Jurriaan Wesselink
Sales & Partnerships Manager
Lívia Nagy
Arts & Culture Coordinator
Lynn Huet
Marketing Executive
Merel van Helsdingen
Founder & Managing Director
Michiel Willemsen
Operations Coordinator
Miquel Tur
Workshops & Tours Coordinator
Morea van Bossé
General Counsel
Natasha Greenhalgh
Co-founder & Creative Director
Radina Aleksandrova
Museum Experience Producer
Sam McCormick
Samuel Ruddick
Production Manager
Stephanie Busuito
Museum Experience Manager
Tea Ferrari
Graphic and Motion Designer
Thomas Somhorst
Sales Coordinator
Violeta Leon Perez
Junior Social Media & Email Marketeer