Creative collaborations

We invite thinkers, makers, listeners, interdisciplinary creators and researchers to join us in our quest to seek, show and debate what’s next. For those wishing to submit a creative proposal/project, we work with quarterly submission and review moments.

Upcoming  submission dates:
Friday 29 October 2021
Friday 28 January 2022
Friday 29 April 2022
Friday 29 July 2022

When you apply, please keep in mind:
Innovation and technology are integral to our DNA, we are focused on New Media Art and what is next. Please dive into our purpose and vision to ensure your proposal/project corresponds with Nxt Museum’s DNA.

Within your submission:
– Please be sure to state why you think your proposal would be a perfect fit with Nxt Museum’s vision/ values/ programme(s)
– Include audio-visual content, images, links. The better we can experience the idea or work, the more we can envisage the potential of the collaboration.

Submitting your proposal:
– Submit your project/proposal between 8am – midnight on the Friday to
(Applications received outside of the defined dates/timed will not be taken into consideration).
– If Nxt sees interesting synergy with your work, we will come back to you within 2-3 weeks; due to the high volume of submissions, unfortunately we cannot come back to those that are unsuccessful.

Potential next steps could be:
– Nxt Museum requests further information
– Presenting your submission to members of the Nxt team/network
– Brainstorming/ workshop together to future plan