Sculptures and Collectibles Unleashed by I-DO

I-DO reveal their long-awaited collaboration with leading artists

After weeks of online and offline hype, Iconic Design Objects (I-DO) transformed the Nxt Stage into their own showcase exhibition space to unleash their 3D printed sculptures and collectibles, created in collaboration with leading artists Sevdaliza, Daily Paper, Maria Bodil & Killian Vos, and Blqck Rose. The vision for the event was to hold a transdisciplinary, collaborative brand activation as the culmination of four visionary collaborations across music, fashion, and art.

The first night was an exclusive, invite-only event which welcomed 300 esteemed guests, including a number of Nxt Members. The event revealed four 3D-printed scultpures and collectibles, and came to a climax with a performance by Sevdaliza as she interacted live with her 3D-printed AI twin Dahlia. Our Nxt Stage proved to be the ideal venue for the event, with floor-to-ceiling projection on our 370sqm surface and a surround-sound-system that fully immersed the audience.

Throughout the two days of the iconic brand activation, one of I-DO’s 3D printers was installed in the museum’s entrance hall, slowly but steadily recreating a three-dimensional version of their logo, visible to all visitors. I-DO also had a full takeover of our gift shop, putting their collectibles up for sale.

Guests: 300

Event Type: Brand Activation; Brand Collaboration

Spaces Used: Full-Museum Takeover

The following day, the four sculptures – three of which were accompanied by their collectible miniatures – were displayed at the Nxt Stage for public access. Accompanying audio and projected visuals on the Stage walls created an immersive environment that engaged viewers with insight into the ideation that led to the creation of the pieces.