Date 06 May

Wisdoms for Love 3.0

Nxt Online

What do we want our digital world to look like? How can we improve this space that is developing quicker than we can fathom? 

Nxt Online presents a live gameplay & conversation around Keiken’s Wisdoms for Love 3.0 – an NFT-themed game that allows users to collect digitised wisdom tokens in a virtual shared space – with the artists themselves. 

The game questions the systems on which we built our digital environment, as the players make their way to the game’s destination: Love 3.0. Each wisdom token comes with a moral contract which allows you to freely download the digital artwork, but obliges you to protect it and cherish it, instead of treating it as a mere financial asset. It reflects on the commercial currency that we have granted to NFTs, as opposed to the intrinsic value of digital art, in which ethics are at risk to become a forgotten currency. 

Wisdoms for Love 3.0 allows you to meet your friends in this virtual land and take on new virtual identities. Will you take the path of the Divine Mother, become a HumanGod or stay on your Moral Highhorse?


Bonus points! On May 6th we invite you to play this game together with us and join us in the conversation on Twitch. Hosted by our curator Bogomir Doringer, with special guest Wade Wallerstein, Co-Director of Transfer Gallery, Keiken’s co-founder Hana Omori will elaborate on the potentials of virtual space and in which way we can shape it as an equitable and inclusive reality. Watch this space and join us on Twitch at 8PM CEST, May 6th.

See you in the metaverse.

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— About Keiken

Keiken are a collaborative practice, co-founded by artists Tanya Cruz, Hana Omori and Isabel Ramos in 2015. Together they are building a metaverse. They frequently work with multiple collaborators. Based between London and Berlin, they come from mixed diasporic backgrounds (Mexican/Japanese/European/Jewish). Keiken is Japanese for experience. They merge the physical and digital, “phygital”, using moving-image, CGI, gaming software, installation, virtual/augmented reality, programming and gamified performance. Simulating new structures and ways of existing they explore how societal introjection governs the way we feel, think and perceive. Wisdoms for Love 3.0 is a collaborative effort between Keiken and OBSO1337, Ryan Vautier, Sakeema Crook and Khidja.

nxt guests
Hana OmoriCo-Founder Keiken Wade WallersteinCo-Director of Transfer Gallery Bogomir DoringerHost, Curator & Head of Education and Research at Nxt Museum
Event format
Gameplay & Conversation
06 May
Hana OmoriCo-Founder KeikenWade WallersteinCo-Director of Transfer GalleryBogomir DoringerHost, Curator & Head of Education and Research at Nxt Museum