But is I.T. Art?
Season Two

But is I.T. Art?, takes you on a journey to discover art and tech through the works of Nxt Museum’s exhibitions.

Season two, explores new media art in a fluid way, using the artworks and themes of the exhibition ‘UFO- Unidentified Fluid Other’ to guide the listeners through the realms of digital art and the opportunities and challenges that it presents.

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Sharing voices from our artists, curators, but also people outside of the museum, Viktor Vandervelde will investigate how the boundaries between the digital and the physical are blurring and how the tools of today enable us to express in digital realms.

The second season of But is I.T. Art? is exploring themes such as WEB 3, playfulness and gamification, mythology, digital identity, gender, how artists create bridges between the digital and physical and how that bridge will become more accessible in the future.


Nxt Museum


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20 December 2022