Date 27 Sep
02 Oct 2021

Rewire Sessions

Nxt Stage

Joining forces with People’s Place Gym we invite you for a second round of Rewire Sessions: an eclectic mix of breath work, yoga, movement and hypnotic meditation within a large-scale generative audiovisual landscape by artist and sound builder Albert van Abbe co-created with Andreas Nicolas Fischer.

Hosted at Nxt Stage, by People’s Place Gym’s leading mindfulness guide, you will be immersed in 360 sqm of sweeping colours and sounds – a prequel to Albert van Abbe’s upcoming album NONDUAL co-created with Andreas Nicolas Fischer. You will gently transition from quiet meditation into yoga flow and restorative breathing techniques.

This round we will introduce a more steady yoga flow with slower moments to take in the entirety of the surrounding audiovisual artwork.

All levels are welcome, no previous experience needed. Workout or Yoga clothing required.

Engage with art, sound and the body in a new, unique way; depart Nxt Museum in a meditational state, the mind and body reinvigorated.

Event format
Mindfulness Session
27 Sep - 02 Oct 2021
In collaboration with
Albert van AbbeVisual & Sound ArtistPeople's Place Gym