ADE 2021
Artist in Residence programma in samenwerking met ADE

Combining forces for the second year Nxt Museum and Amsterdam Dance Event present the visionary visuals and sounds of an Artist in Residence programme.

Witness cutting edge audiovisual culture in two 45-minute music performances at Nxt Stage.

In a coming together of local and international talent, one sound and one visual artist are paired:

Lyzza – Amsterdam-based producer and vocaliser of reverberating dark-pop DJ sets; with the posthuman symbolisms of digital artist, Sam Madhu.

Hyperaktivist, Venezuelan born Berlin-based maker of change and pulsating techno-tribalisms; with animator of post-apocalyptic virtual worlds, Guillaume Roux

Reunite with the dancefloor, surrounded by an engulfing audiovisual showcase on the following dates:

October 13th – opening night of ADE
Liveshow 1 (19:30-21:20)
Liveshow 2 (22:10-23:59)

October 14th
Extended Liveshow (19:30 – 23:55)

October 15th
Liveshow (20:30 – 22:30)
Bar Cosmo open until midnight with live music

Each show contains performances by both duos: Lyzza x Sam Madhu & Hyperaktivist x Guillaume Roux.

Event format:

Artist in Residence


23 September 2021 - 15 October 2021



Sam Madhu


Guillaume Roux