Art, Science and Infinite Worlds: Julius Horsthuis in Focus
Just announced — 18 July at Nxt Museum

On Thursday 18th July, join us for an exclusive artist talk and deep dive into the art and science of (digital) worldbuilding, science, sci-fi and much more.

To celebrate the return of Julius Horsthuis’ immersive, infinite work ‘Foreign Nature’ to Nxt, we’re delighted to welcome the artist for a conversation on his work with fractals, alongside expert speakers from the world of science and sci-fi writing. The event will feature a panel discussion between Julius Horsthuis and (Dr.) Margriet van der Heijden, moderated by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz.

As a science writer, journalist, teacher, and speaker, Margriet has extensive experience explaining scientific concepts to the general public. She holds a PHD in particle physics from CERN, and has also written a few non-fiction children’s books. Her expertise in communicating scientific concepts to diverse audiences will anchor Foreign Nature in science, illuminating the mathematical underpinnings of fractals in Julius’ work.

As a sci-fi writer and editor with experience in giving workshops on worldbuilding, Rochita will guide the discussion, exploring the creative dimensions of worldbuilding in conjunction with Julius’ fractal landscapes. 

The program entails a deep dive into Julius’ creative practice, where he will speak about his process and demonstrate his use of the fractal software Mandlebulb3D. It will delve into themes of art, science, and worldbuilding through a panel discussion, and conclude with an audience Q&A session.

Limited number of tickets available — members get automatic access on first come, first serve basis.


Event format:

Artist Talk


18 July 2024


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm