SpaceTime Helix
Een vormveranderende audiovisuele voorstelling door de Italiaanse kunstenaar Michela Pelusio

Nxt Museum presents SpaceTime Helix, a 30 minute shape-shifting audiovisual performance by Italian artist Michela Pelusio in collaboration with Italian Cultural Institute of Amsterdam.

Watch as the helix shaped wave – spanning ceiling to floor – coils and unwinds in the darkness. A vibrational dance between physical and metaphysical phenomena unfurls, as Pelusio performs her real-time optoacoustic instrument, developed over a decade.

Book your ticket and join us for a special evening of wonder in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute on:

Tuesday 16th
Performance 1 (30 minutes) – 20:45

Wednesday 17th
Performance 1 (30 mins): 20:00
– or
Performance 2 (30 mins): 21:30

Thursday 18th November
Performance 1 (30 mins): 20:00
– or
Performance 2 (30 mins): 21:30

– About the artist
Michela Pelusio explores human perception, physical phenomena, art and science. She creates spatial and temporal experiences through immersive installations, multisensory performances, kinetic sculptures, exploring the possibility of an intimate connection between the participants and nature, catalysing new perceptions of natural phenomena.

Michela Pelusio has a BA in Sculpture and a MA in ArtScience. She taught at the ArtScience Interfaculty in The Hague, courses “Synesthetics” with Frans Evers, and “Genius Loci” with Robert Pravda and Horst Rickels. Later she founded and curated ResidenceSEA – Sensing your Environment through Art, an artist residency in Crete. She is Italian, based in Athens.

Event format:

Art Performance


1 - 18 November 2021


Michela Pelusio