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Ready to make glittering memories with your unidentified fluid lover? We’re all set to ignite
your spark with digital art…

First up: that special date ticket rate:
Use code SPARKWITHART in the ticketshop to claim your second ticket at half price – applicable for visits on Mondays-Wednesdays.

Want to preview your next boo?
Get to know your lover a little better ~ do the Spark With Art quiz: discover deeper levels of the exhibition UFO – Unidentified Fluid Other – and your date – as you marvel at immersive digital installations together.

What’s the exhibition about? With emerging metaverses, and our lives becoming more and more digital, UFO – Unidentified Fluid Other is about our future selves and what it will mean to be human in virtual worlds. Who will we become when the boundaries of our identity extend beyond the physical? Explore deep conversations side by side as you take in the wonders of New Media Art creation.

Simply scan the QR code in the museum hallway upon arrival, to do the quiz from your smart phone as you journey through the exhibition.

The Waters in Between by Audrey Large and WHOLE-LAND by The Fabricant. Photography by Gert Jan van Rooij

Drinks or dinner
Following your exhibition visit, digest all you’ve seen over dinner and drinks at our newly opened Café Restaurant Metro. From the team behind Amsterdam date night faves like restaurant Entrepot and Toscanini, allow us to set the mood for a memorable evening. You can make a booking at Metro here.


Open Daily:
Sun – Tues: 11:00 – 20:30
Wed: 11:00 – 21:30
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