15 May 2023
15 Feb 2024


Lilypads: Mediating
Exponential Systems

As technology speeds up, developing faster than our minds can grasp, Nxt Museum presents ‘Realtime’ – a rotating showcase presenting a selection of artists using boundary-pushing technologies.

Housed within Nxt Museum’s biggest space Nxt Stage, the digital artworks presented visualise the context in which today’s makers ignite tomorrow’s art movements.With new works presented seasonally, Realtime responds to the rapidly evolving pace of digital technology, featuring artists with their finger on the pulse of progress, to offer fresh perspectives on innovation.

The first iteration – Realtime ‘Lilypads: Mediating Exponential Systems’ – presents the work of three artists: Amelia Winger Bearskin, Libby Heaney and Entangled Others Studio with Robert M. Thomas. ‘Lilypads: Mediating Exponential Systems’ proposes the multiple ways of thinking about the lilypad as a way to move through a variety of perspectives on our world: our ecologies, technologies, cultures, and economics.

Event format
Rotating Exhibition
15 May - 15 Feb 2024
Curated by
Charlotte KentScholar in Residence, Co-CuratorJesse DamianiCo-Curator
Decohering Delineation
Libby Heaney
Q is for Climate (?)
Amelia Winger
Midnight & To Body