Every moment we use technology, or are even just nearby it – we participate in both conscious and passive uploading.

As we face-unlock our phones or curate our mosaic of photographs we become streams of data. Using extra-sensory tools like infrared, ENTER the interactive light installation by Ksawery Kirklewski locks-on and calculates your dimensions, blowing your profile up in large scale, within the work that stands before you. A soundscape produced by Arkadiusz Krupiński responds like an instrument, each layer of sound interacting with those viewing the work, causing malfunctions and modulations in the composition.

Data is drawn from your expanded digital essence – before the lights in the digital-tendrils by your feet slither away to a place beyond view. By accepting the invitation to ‘ENTER’, you offer up your body to feed the cyber-organism. With ENTER, we become merged with the virtual, an object assimilated in wires.

Ksawery Kirklewski | b. 1988, Poland
Ksawery Kirklewski (Ksawery Komputery) is a motion designer and creative coder. Graduate of the Graphic Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, PL. His diploma “Exhibition of Banners” (2015) received the Minister of Culture Award on “Best Diplomas of Polish Academies of Fine Arts” in 2015. Author of interactive installations, generative animations, music videos, phygital sculptures, and realisations in public space. In his activities, he uses new technologies, programming, advertising media and light/rtv equipment, focusing mostly on the generative, digital and internet art field. In 2019, he co-founded Fundacja(x), a foundation which deals with the broadly understood art of new media and its dissemination.

His most recent projects include: a generative music website “Symphony in Acid” in collaboration with Max Cooper (UK), and series of phygital sculptures “CTRL_DAT” for Kate Vass Galerie (Zurich, CH).

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