Topologies #1

United Visual

Reconfiguring perceptions of space

A new site-specific installation, ‘Topologies #1’ continues United Visual Artists’ explorations of programmable light architecture. Part of UVA’s upcoming ‘Topology’ series, the work projects planes of light that stretch across the room and create shifting geometries that continuously divide and reconfigure the space. Visitors will traverse through a vast, transforming 25 metre long space, sometimes seemingly with others, sometimes alone, challenging their perception of the space they occupy.

UVA (United Visual Artists) is a London based collective founded in 2003 by British artist Matt Clark. UVA’s diverse body of work integrates new technologies with traditional media such as sculpture, performance and site-specific installation.

Drawing from sources ranging from ancient philosophy to theoretical science, the practice explores the cultural frameworks and natural phenomena that shape our cognition, creating instruments that manipulate our perception and expose the relativity of our experiences. Rather than material objects, UVA’s works are better understood as events in time, in which the performance of light, sound and movement unfolds.

UVA has been commissioned internationally by institutions including the Barbican Curve Gallery, London, England; Manchester International Festival, Manchester, England; Royal Academy of Arts, London, England; Serpentine Gallery, London, England; The Wellcome Trust, London, England; Towner Gallery, East Sussex, England; Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England; YCAM, Tokyo, Japan, and others. Previous group exhibitions include Blain|Southern, London, England; Riflemaker, London, England; Bryce Wolkowitz, New York; Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea; and Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China.