Swarm Study XIII

What moves you?

Inspired by the self organising movements of groups in nature – schools of fish, flocks of birds – Random International have been developing ‘swarm study’ artworks throughout their collaborations.

Swarm Study XIII is a programmed light sculpture informed by the autonomous iterations of starlings in flight. Our appreciation for the natural world often inspires how technologies are developed. The study of decentralised power and decision making in nature have informed the development of Artificial intelligence, Blockchain Technology and synchronised drone shows. This biomimicry involves studying natural patterns and shows up in Swarm Study XIII by bringing up questions of the synthetic vs the natural, or the individual vs the group, in a display reflecting co-existence with intelligences beyond our own – be that organic or artificial.

Suspended from above, the piece invites the viewer to sit under or stand next to the sculpture, allowing you to experience architecture as something in sync with the surrounding natural phenomena and the origins of how we move.