Marco Brambilla

View the extraordinary works of internationally exhibited video artist Marco Brambilla from 28th February 2024 until 28th May 2024.

‘Heaven’s Gate’ and ‘Creation’ are part of Marco Brambilla’s ‘Megaplex’ series. These video works blend hundreds of film clips to craft on-screen collages that reveal new narratives and visual landscapes.

The digitally assembled videos depict a hyper-realistic realm of clouds, meadows and burning cityscapes. This serves as a backdrop for humanity’s frenzied production and consumption of its own media. With each ‘Megaplex’ cycle, Brambilla engulfs the viewer in an overload of imagery almost impossible to sustain.

Heaven’s Gate by Marco Brambilla

‘Heaven’s Gate (Megaplex)’ offers a lavish portrayal of Hollywood and its excesses. Simultaneously celebrating and satirising its glamour, the video work ascends through the seven levels of purgatory, with each stage presenting a spectacle of looping clips sampled from iconic moments in cinematic history.

‘Creation (Megaplex)’ is set between the birth and death of the universe. The sequence unfolds with the Big Bang preceding an idyllic Garden of Eden. This evolves into decadent urban sprawls, which eventually give way to a destroyed landscape before reconstructing itself in a spiral loop back to the beginning.

About the artist:
Marco Brambilla (b. 1960) is a London-based artist known for his elaborate recontextualizations of popular and found imagery, as well as his pioneering use of digital imaging
technologies in video installation and art.

Brambilla’s work has been internationally exhibited and is in the collections of numerous institutions including the Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim Museum (New York); and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to name a few. Notable shows include New Museum (New York); Santa Monica Museum of Art (Retrospective); Seoul Biennial, Korea.