Integrated Life Network I

Baast Studio

Super Organisms in Digital Habitats

‘Integrated Life Network I’ explores the concept of ‘super organisms’ in the digital realm. Baast Studio uses an arrangement of Samsung’s latest Galaxy Z Flip 4 phones to construct a synchronised display that responds to visitor movements in real time. Mimicking natural fractal entities, the separate devices visualise a digital ecosystem affected by the laws of physical interactions in the space. Colours and micro-organisms flow in coherent rhythms, reconfiguring patterns seamlessly from screen to screen as people move.

Abril Alvarez and Roel Kok, the creative minds behind tech consultancy Baast Studio, describe ‘Life Integrated Network I’ as their most personal installation piece yet. Partners in both life and business, ‘Life Integrated Network I’ gave them the opportunity to take their mutual love for coding and craft an art piece.

Coding from scratch using WebGL, a software which renders interactive graphics, the duo showcase the interplay between individual species and their environment based on a natural principle they call, ‘the edge of chaos’.

Nxt Museum and Samsung joined forces with Baast Studio to create this mesmerising artwork illuminating the museum’s entrance.

– About Baast Studio 

Baast Studio blends technical expertise with innovative vision, bringing to life interactive digital artworks to custom digital solutions. Founded by Abril Alvarez and Roel Kok, the duo’s work at the intersection of art, science and technology include collaborations with studios and brands worldwide such as HBO, Samsung, nike and more..